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To purchase FishBC 3.0 contact Ball State University at 765-285-1600

Cost is $59.99 per copy + Tax (IN residence only) + Shipping & Handling

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the The 137TH Annual AFS Meeting! 

If you would like to try out FishBC 3.0 Download our Demo Version Here.

Current FishBC 3.0 Users Click Here for important news on a Free Upgrade/Patch!

What is FishBC 3.0?

     FishBC is a computer program that computes back-calculated lengths and age-length keys from fish bony structures.  This program eliminates the tedium of writing customized algorithms in popular spreadsheets that are difficult to make user friendly. 

     FishBC also makes data entry easier then ever by utilizing several methods of data entry including; manually entering measurement data, measuring bony structures with a digitizing tablet, and you can also capture images from a digital camera mounted on a microscope and digitally measure the hard part on the screen!

     Want to learn more about FishBC 3.0? Click Here...

Who uses FishBC?

     FishBC is designed for anyone that works in the fisheries field; professional biologist, educators, and students.  Previous versions have been sold to Government Agencies, Utility Companies and Universities.

     We have worked hard to minimize the learning curve so more time can be spent learning and interpreting the data rather than figuring out a complicated software package.

     FishBC is also a great teaching tool.  By connecting your computer to a projector you can easily demonstrate to students the process of annuli recognition and back-calculations.

Do you own or have used FishBC 2.0?

  Check out the new features and improvements to version 3.0!

  • Improved User Interface.

  • No Need For Third Party Software.
  • Unique File Types.
  • Fully Functional Spreadsheets.
  • Capture Images & Measure Bony Structures.
  • Create & Apply Age-Length Keys.
  • Compatible with all Wintab32 enabled digitizers.
  • New HTML based context sensitive Help system.

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